About us, our story

Our Story

We were founded in early 2018: a bunch of experienced people who love keeping things fresh and cutting-edge.

We've been building websites, and running companies, and delighting the clients we work with for many years. — there's genuine joy to be found in starting with "Um..." and ending with "Amazing!"

If you need a Website, E-commerce, Internet Marketing, Technical Consulting, or something specially made to automate that laborious computer task you hate, just let us know in the comment box, below.

We take the technical weight of your business needs, so you can focus on the big picture.

We’ve worked with multinational companies and little start-ups alike, and are happy to work with anyone who’s got a goal and needs our expertise to get there.

Who We Are

Our management team consists of Simon and Sarah Jane, and we work with a variety of Personal Assistants, Web developers, Graphic designers, Internet marketing experts, SEO gurus, and the like.

We enjoy what we do, and like to have fun.


Some people say Simon started life looking a little like a potato, and possibly still does, but such folk are rather rude and should probably be ignored.

Simon's technical know-how, however, is all-encompassing and it is possible he is as wise as the entire internet.

He's been working in the computer world for longer than he cares to remember, and he loves shiny, new technical things, with which to do mighty, useful things.

Despite this tendency towards all things 'geek', he's able to forge a clear path for Bertram + Bean, and is also responsible for 'Doughnut Friday', which is very popular on the team.

Simon is dad to two boys, and the partner of, quote, 'The most awesome woman on the planet'.

Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane is a fully qualified princess. Possibly of Russian descent.

SJ's experience in running a multi-site solicitor's practice (amongst other things) has helped counter the more socially-challenged members of the management team  company.

Her ability to see through technobabble to what real business people need has been invaluable from product development, to service delivery, to strategic planning.

As well as being a business woman (x2), she's a much-loved mum and partner.

The Team

Apparently, the team are all emoji. Nevertheless, they are skilled in whatever we hire them to do, and much appreciated for it.

We work with all kinds of people, on a regular basis, with all kinds of backgrounds, preferences, and practices.

The one thing that seems common in our team members is that they're remarkable people who can do amazing things. We love them all!